Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pajama Game Kit ~

If you remember, a while back; I listed a kit with around 40 clamped flowers with a variety of clamps and a charm. Well, one very sweet lady purchased that kit for a dollar. One. Bless her heart. But hey, I have broad shoulders and I'm willing to try again. After all, I have sent out over 10,000 downloads and I have put one dollar in my pocket.
Anyway, does anyone out there shop at Wal-Mart? I do, and I bought a pair of pajama bottoms for seven dollars; okay six dollars counting my profit from my sales! I love my pajama bottoms and I made a page from the fabric. Once you have one page, the others just fall into place. So, if anyone is walking through Wal-Mart and they notice something that looks familiar; you must be in the pajama aisle. I didn't think that 'Pajama Bottoms' would be a very ladylike name for this kit, hence; you have the 'Pajama Game'. I even made a page of Taylor showing Gramps her Dora the Explorer bandaid, just to show you how cute this kit is.
Take a look and if you like what you see; the price is only $2.00. That includes the papers, elements, stencils and frames. You can go a long way on just two dollars. Right below the product page for the papers is a little "Buy Now" button for an easy PayPal transaction. Just think, if I just made a few sales; I might be inspired to open a 'Digital Dollar Store'. Boy, there goes the neighborhood!

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