Sunday, September 21, 2008

Adorable Chipboard Notables

This is one of the most versatile items that you need in your stash. At least for me, the journaling spots are always the challenge. These chipboard notables make journaling very simple. You can download them for FREE. Please remember that these files are copyrighted material and you may not claim them as your own, you may not sell them or distribute them in any form. Otherwise, use them wherever and whenever you wish. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Victorian Boot Kit ~ FREE

As promised, this kit is very reasonably priced....FREE. The combinations are numerous and this kit is a must have for those vintage pages of your ancestors. The Victorian Boot Kit also includes an easy-how-to tutorial that will help anyone attemping to learn Photoshop Elements. You will not be disappointed.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Transparent Bottles ~

These are so fun! Whatever memory or embellishment you want to add to your digital page, bottle it. Flowers, bugs, sea shells, time, love notes, photos, show tickets, whatever; just slip it under your bottle and size it to fit. I actually prefer to duplicate my bottle layer and sandwich the embellishment between the two bottles. Then I lower the opacity of the top bottle. Your patterned paper below will show right through. So easy, yet so clever! The key, bug, sea shells and pocket watch are not included. Several of the bottles have labels where you can add your own text. And for $2.00, they are a bargain; expecially since I have not seen them elsewhere. Simply, click on the BUY NOW button to pay with PayPal. You will receive an instant email with your download instructions. Nobody else has these, be the first!

Click to enlarge.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dress Form ~

This is a fun little dress form to have. It contains two dress forms, one positive patterned dress, one negative patterned dress and one dress form tint so you can colorize the dress form to match your digital scrap page. Click on the Buy Now button to pay with PayPal. The price is right, just One Dollar. That's right. You will receive an instant email with your download. Hope you are the first to use it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pajama Game Kit ~

If you remember, a while back; I listed a kit with around 40 clamped flowers with a variety of clamps and a charm. Well, one very sweet lady purchased that kit for a dollar. One. Bless her heart. But hey, I have broad shoulders and I'm willing to try again. After all, I have sent out over 10,000 downloads and I have put one dollar in my pocket.
Anyway, does anyone out there shop at Wal-Mart? I do, and I bought a pair of pajama bottoms for seven dollars; okay six dollars counting my profit from my sales! I love my pajama bottoms and I made a page from the fabric. Once you have one page, the others just fall into place. So, if anyone is walking through Wal-Mart and they notice something that looks familiar; you must be in the pajama aisle. I didn't think that 'Pajama Bottoms' would be a very ladylike name for this kit, hence; you have the 'Pajama Game'. I even made a page of Taylor showing Gramps her Dora the Explorer bandaid, just to show you how cute this kit is.
Take a look and if you like what you see; the price is only $2.00. That includes the papers, elements, stencils and frames. You can go a long way on just two dollars. Right below the product page for the papers is a little "Buy Now" button for an easy PayPal transaction. Just think, if I just made a few sales; I might be inspired to open a 'Digital Dollar Store'. Boy, there goes the neighborhood!

Clamped Petals Kit ~

The SHI_Clamped_Petals_Kit has over 40 Petal colors and 5 interchangable metal clamps designed in Photoshop Elements 5. These are digital files for digital scrapbooking and are delivered through downloads only.
For the sake of making my kits easy for beginners, I size and plot each piece so that they will line up and blend with ease. For the best results, open your petals in the color that you want to use. Without moving or relocating the petals: Go > File > Place. Then go back to your files and select either a different metallic clamp or perhaps the charm. If you use the Go>File>Place method, the pieces will line up with ease. Once you are satisfied with your choices, merge your layers and then move it (as a whole) to the location you want on your page. The price is right and they will add a fun touch to your page.

Paperclip Inserts with Bonus Tutorial ~

This is such a fun little piece to add to your digital scrap pages. They add just the right amount of color and do not take up too much space. This kit also includes one of my simple tutorials to learn how to make your own paperclip inserts to match your patterned paper or even a portion of a photo, such as a floral photo. There are over one hundred paperclips in the kit. All for only one ($1.00) dollar. The price is right! After checkout, you will receive an instant email with the download.